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    Savage mode

    Realization of the visual identity of the Savage Mode album product by artist 21 Savage.
    - 12,3x12,3cm


    Series of three poster in augmented reality, the words "climbing" are make in a 3D spring which plays with the font and the movement.
    - 42x59,4cm


    Intelligence artificielle

    Teaser made from words of surgeon, biologist Laurent Alexandre. This video explain the four ages of artificial intelligence in the form of evolution, the evolution of body appearance between l’A.I. and human.

    New Musical season

    Realization of poster and flyer of the new musical season 2017 of Lafarge choir.
    - 21x29,7cm (poster)
    - 13x27cm (flyer)


    Conception and production of a advertising campaign print and digital for the thrift shop group Guerrisol.
    - 21x29,7cm (poster)
    - 10,4x14,8cm


    This print object includes all analysis made around the thrift shop group Guerrisol. He is separated in two parts, the first is the specifications, and second is a dissertation which speaks about current problematics of the second hand.
    - 14,8x21cm


    Poster made from of dingbats "Râ" for the Osiris exhibition  of Institut du monde arabe.
    - 29,7x42cmcm

    Dingbats realized according to the caracteristics of Dead History, it gets back principle of sampling.
    - 10,5x14,8cm (dictionary)
    - 14,8x21cm (specimen)

    Voxel Hunt

    Application of cultural mediation realized in collaboration with the Georges Pompidou center for the exhibition "print the world". The objective was to explain the method of printing of a work. Work realized with Yves Gabriel So.
    - 1024×768px

    Blue Velvet

    Realization of a generic for the movie of David Lynch, Blue Velvet. The bias here was to create an heavy atmosphere, the pictures saturated and the sound serve to feel to the viewer something abnormal and fake.